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Aerospace: Teaching tomorrow's aviators today

The Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Program has been a strong contributor to Aerospace Education since 1946...

CAP's History

On July 1, 1946, Public Law 476 established CAP as a patriotic and educational organization and an “instrumentality of the United States,” a unique status similar to that accorded the American Red Cross. After WWII, air search and ground rescue became CAP’s primary operational mission, along with the education and training of “air-minded” and patriotic youth through the CAP cadet program.

CAP Today:

Current National STEM Status: America, historically the most innovative country in the world, is in dire need of a next generation workforce of STEM experts. Yet, America's youth are lagging in STEM interest, competence, and career pursuit. Compounding the issue and continually looming is lack of adequate funding and lack of training for the educators tasked to resolve this national crisis.

Immediate attention is needed in educational institutions, youth and aerospace organizations, and industries to provide rigorous and relevant opportunities for experiential STEM learning that will lead to pursuit of aerospace-related careers.

Civil Air Patrol Action Plan: CAP is addressing this national issue by developing engaging and relevant K-12 aerospace products and programs that when used in collaborative initiatives with like-minded organizations will provide vocational and avocational aerospace opportunities for K-12 youth across the nation.

CAP Aerospace Education Program Goal: Using aerospace as the spark, generate enthusiasm among our nation’s youth toward STEM-related subjects and careers to ensure America’s status as a leader in STEM workforce development and national security initiatives.